It’s January 25, and I start school again in 12 days. Graphic Design, Watercolor, & Drawing. It’s going to be pretty intensive, I think my hands will get really cramped, but I’m so down for the challenge. I have a side project that is buzzing in my head too, something I really want to make happen. I’m going to work really hard to get my portfolio, CV, and presentation together so it’s worthy of having professionals consider the artwork inside. In any case, I’m super stoked about being able to wake up, excited for the day and what it will hold. I”m not going to lie, it’s pretty lonely without all my friends from Japan, I really never realized how important our friendships were to my journey. But, luckily I have a really awesome, blue-eyed boyfriend who is helping me along through my rocky love. Strength I never knew I possessed has surprised me at really epic times in my life this last year, and my arms are open to the new year and all the opportunities it will hold.

I’ll post everything project-related to this page, so stay tuned and keep up as the days roll by.

In any case, here’s to following the fires in our hearts ~



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