Hey guys. I’m Katie. I started to write this blog as a way to chronicle my year and be able to look back on the adventures. I’m an art student, so this will be saturated with images that guide my inspirations, as well as my own art. As you scan this site you might start to see how colors are so able to be, without trying, emotional. My style of illustration is influenced by my search for authenticity in good and evil, and finding simple yet gigantic humor. I  like to analyze delicate and put it next to destructive; seeing how fragile can be powerful, sweet yet hurtful.  That got real deep, real fast! Ok really though, I’m just a normal California girl, in love with simple and sweet pleasures. I am inspired by strong, beautiful, intelligent people, and those with that light in their eyes. You know the one I’m talking about?

So, you can expect to see lots of color inspirations, typography, and a boat-load of beautiful illustration.

I’ll also be posting about concerts and trips and art shows and other things that keep me happy and busy.

So here we go, sit back and browse your eyes out-

Colonel, this one’s for you ~




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